Working with us

The process is simple and effective. First, you can either email or call us, which I might add will also give the opportunity for you to see how fast we react to customer enquiries generated by our online business system.

But seriously, we pride ourselves on making the process simple. Value for money is our objective, so after reviewing the pricing and plans on our website we begin by listening to your requirements so we can best recommend a customised design package tailored to suit your online business needs.

Once you’re happy with our recommendation we submit a written proposal for your acceptance. We then assign a project manager and senior designer to manage the entire process and communicate with you directly on the initial creative concepts including the design and development of content, branding, copywriting, strategic communications and overall marketing objectives of the web site.

Following an agreed plan of execution, we then design the look and feel of your website with all aspects of the creative process being first approved by you before moving onto the next stage of coding, testing and final implementation of the web site. A temporary link will provide you with access to the test site to enable any final changes to text and images before we go live online with the web site.