SodaBox - your online business system in action...

  •   Editing content is a breeze
  •   Managing your customer database is effortless
  •   Lead capture is automatic
  •   Email marketing is built in
  •   Add an online shop whenever you’re ready
  •   Vital reporting functionality is available at the click of a button and
  •   All fully hosted in a world class custom-designed website

If you are looking for an off-the-shelf web design template, Soda Box may not be for you. However Soda Box does offer an affordable range of high quality, individually branded, designed and fully implemented services that provide a powerful, all-in-one online business solution.

From content management, email marketing, online bookings, lead capture and database management to selling unlimited products - with inventory management, tracking, statistical analysis and revenue reporting - there are many forms of “customer engagement” all working together within Soda Box.