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  • What design cost do I have to pay upfront for my online business system?

    All our online business system packages come standard with the option for you to spread the cost of your creative design into small monthly repayments over a period of 12 months.  Each month is paid in advance, so your initial design cost is just one month paid in advance.

  • Can I pay the design cost upfront?

    You have the option to spread the design cost of your online business system over 12 monthly repayments or if preferred you can elect to pay the cost of your design upfront.

  • Why is there a separate monthly cost for my online business system?

    SodaBox is not a website; it is an all-in-one online business system that is fully managed, maintained and updated to provide a low cost “next generation” software hosting solution.  While hosting a website has become quite cheap, we offer much more with a full suite of business applications and functionality built into SodaBox to help grow your business online.

  • What’s included in my web site design package?

    Although briefly encountered at times, our primary aim in business is to be long remembered.  That’s the benchmark we have for our clients and it resonates through every design we do.  From creative concept and strategic site configuration to fully customized graphic design, professional copywriting, flash and HTML programming and final implementation, each SodaBox web site design package is delivered as a full service solution.   

  • Do I own the design of my website on completion?

    You own the copyright to all design the moment it has been paid in full.  This means you own the web design, HTML and flash.swf files. 

  • How much are the monthly repayments on my website design package?

    The monthly repayments are based on the (ex GST) price of the SodaBox package chosen.  GST is added to the monthly repayment amount.  Follow the link to review all SodaBox pricing and plans available.

  • How do I make my monthly repayments?

    All payments are made monthly in advance and are automatically direct debited from your nominated bank account or credit card (Visa, Bankcard or MasterCard).

  • How do I engage SodaHouse to design and deploy my online business system?

    Happily, we’ve been asked this question a lot.  You may submit an enquiry or send an email for us to contact you or you may call us on 1800 ??? ??? to place an order or ask any questions.  You will speak with one of experienced team members who will gladly assist with any further information you may require.

  • Will I have to enter into a contract with SodaHouse?

    If you would like to spread the design cost of your online business system over 12 monthly repayments we will provide an agreement setting out the standard terms and conditions of such an arrangement.  The term of this agreement will expire on receipt of final payment, so it is only for 12 months.  Of course if you elect to pay your design cost upfront, it is not necessary to enter into this agreement.

  • What happens at the end of my design services contract?

    Your design service agreement will expire and no further design costs will be direct debited from your account.  However, we will continue to direct debit the monthly cost of hosting and maintaining your online business system for as long as you require the SodaBox package you have chosen.

  • Am I locked in to using SodaHouse for a fixed term?

    No, if for any reason our services are no longer required you may cancel the service at anytime by providing 30 days written notice of your intention to do so.  Please note however, that any outstanding monies owed must be paid in full.

  • Which SodaBox package will work best for me?
    1. If you want to a comprehensive online publishing solution to frequently update content, promotional material and product information about your business then our “Regular” sized SodaBox package is all you need.
    2. If your business operates in the service sector and you are serious about providing an online customer service channel for lead generation, contact management, customer bookings and much more then we recommend the “Medium” sized Sodabox solution.
    3. Finally, if you want to extend your retail business and trading hours into the virtual world of a massive online audience then everything you need for accepting orders with secure payment, shipping, inventory tracking, fulfilment and much more is available in our “Large” SodaBox.
  • Can I upgrade my SodaBox package at anytime?

    Yes, you can upgrade to another SodaBox solution as and when you require additional business functionality and applications to meet your online business needs.